Her Beautiful Godless Universe​/​In the Ocean on the Moon (demo)

by The Horizon of a Dream

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I have released this for free download. It consists of two albums of music made by me: "Her Beautiful Godless Universe" (tracks 1-7) and "In the Ocean on the Moon" (tracks 8-14).

In 2012 I released my follow up album "Surrealistic Suicide." Be sure to check that out if you like this demo!


released August 7, 2011

Chris Romans - All instruments, vocals, compositions unless noted.

Jessica Savard - Artwork, guest vocals on "Love Me as I Drink Myself to Death"

Sean Cordes (Verdun) - Guest vocals on "Voyage to the Otherworld of Tir Na Nog"

"Vllad" - Guest violin recording on "Love Me as I Drink Myself to Death"



all rights reserved
Track Name: Voyage to the Otherworld of Tir Na Nog
Will she arise like the evening star?
To set alight the morning on a distant world
God drinks alone tonight, and I hope these petty prayers
May quench his thirst once more.

The emptiness of the cosmos lies on a distant shore
If she may travel through the astral plane
And quell the null of multiple tangent galaxies
Then quell the thirst of an absent Goddess

The vacuum of space contains the silence
That mourns for the loss of light
She says to me that she perceives
The colliding of rogue stars as a memory
Of the night before the vacancy of time

As if the entirety of this existence
Can be summated in the beliefs
Of a thousand zealots and deities
Whom drink the wine poured over
The rotting flesh raping the periphery

It is merely human that she desire life eternal
And God is merely a human construct created to delude her
We have set forth our own demise
With resonating thoughts of existence...

Yet an imminent suicide...
To force an awakening of the emptiness inside her...

I hold hands with the dead
As God places the noose around my neck
Track Name: Asterism Carved Into Her Heart
Embrace the cold and dark universe
That we may be the ashes of life
Lost in the eternal sea of consciousness
Set adrift on embers of a starless continent

You are the love found amongst aether
Colliding with the material of the Earth
As a shadow of the mortal gods
Submerged in a flood of winter wine

No flame can quell the cold remnant skin
As her soul departs the flesh in which I left
An asterism carved into her heart
The beauty of the stars is hers.

She constantly returns to primal form
In lingering memories of timeless night
To ignite the bitter flame in my heart
And drive the suicidal tendencies until
I may so quickly depart
Track Name: Dwarf Star Submerged in the Flood
One morning I set out
Alone to adore
The glory of the flesh
Amidst snow white stars

I thirst for nothing more
Than to drink the celestial ocean
Where my ethereal body lies
Submerged under rippling tides
Of starless heavens where I may
See the eyes of god
Collide with mine

I linger in my grave
A soul may abhor
The edge of this world
Engages with the stars

Everything dies my love
Even these dirty hands of mine
Even this calloused flesh of mine
Even the nebula and stars do die
Even this bitter heart of mine
Even this memory of mine
Even these tears evaporate in time
Even this remnant love of mine
Even god is lost to the night
Even god dies...
And all else with him...
Track Name: No God Would Kiss These Hands
Sample from Carl Sagan, "Cosmos" - "The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood, spilled by all those generals and emperors, so that in glory and in triumph they can become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner. How frequent their misunderstandings. How eager they are to kill one another. How fervent their hatreds. Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely spec in the great enveloping cosmic dark."
Track Name: Love Me as I Drink Myself to Death
Love me as I rest in a bed of
Roses as I lie naked in the
Doorway drifting off to sleep or waking
To a new life dreaming that I
Can escape into the darkened night sky
With the light of a fire burning
The wicker grave where I lie stargazing

Love me as I look into your eyes
Quiet as the shoreline returning
To the edge of a floating world be-
hind my eyes drinking liquor with her Christ
In petty chapel pews vomiting the
Porcelain lies confided in burning
Embers of a child left sinking
In the river under the world

Love me in the morning after
The excited body wanes into the after-
Life as a new creation takes the place of
God and my flesh in unison create the
Endless sphere where you only exist for a
Moment then drift and are placed upon my naked
Body underwater and we may float to another
Dawning world to drink another

Love me for a moment (baby I'm tired)
Can't you fucking hear my words protruding
Through the depressed dirt where I linger
With the footprints of a gypsy universe
Examining my corpse for gold and trinkets
Of meaningless nothing since we're dead and sinking
Exhausted waste in a bottle of brandy
That god is drinking as we're left naked, swimming...
Track Name: Love Me in Stillness
I dream of your skin
Alluding to the end
Quiet in my arms
And as beautiful as its ever been.

And as I rose from the ash
I grabbed your hand...
As I swore to you before the empty world
That I may love you even now...
And we can together watch everything end.
Track Name: The Future is Bright...
A midnight escape
Into a thousand galaxies
Of shining dreams
Memories of yesterdays
Linger on my lips
Where yours were once
Before the day sunk
Into my bleak hearts abyss
I dream to be surrounded by you

You’ll hear me whisper,
"You're locked inside my heart and you'll never escape."
Then so suddenly,
The sound of a symphony will break the darkness

Heavy eyes waking
Startled by such an endearing voice
"I would never want to escape from such a prison."
You replied composed, in return
Forgotten that you lay beside me
In this wonderful reverie
We will some day witness to be
A future full of memories
Waiting for us to see.
Track Name: To Dream of You Awake (While I Watch You Sleep)
With my arms
Like a cage
The oceans breeze
Seeps between

My hearts chords
Are strummed
With the wind
Quietly, but in motion

Drifting through
The astral plane
Next to you
On heavens wind

Close your eyes
The galaxy fades to dead night
Twilight masks the horizon
And we are entwined tonight

Dance naked
In front of the celestial world
In blindness
Watch as everything dies

And everything changes the same
And cries from its stagnation
Whats the difference between life and death in this place?

Take my hand
For this moment
Whisper soft
As it all ends
And I'll follow you
And I'll follow you...
Track Name: In an Ocean on the Moon
I burn at the stake
In a dream
Next to you
I can't wait
Till it all ends tonight
And we're swept away

Dream of me
(Fall asleep)
In your arms
(Take my hand)
One more time
(One more time)
Hold me tight
(Never let go)
Let it all end
With this final escape.

To heaven and beyond
I drift through your heart
The ocean sweeps through
Passing us by as we dance on the moon
Track Name: Slow Dance on a Burning World
There is a darkened shadow on the wall
As I kiss the portrait by my side
You are as a ghost
Tonight we are shadows

All is silent...
In the vastness of space tonight

Empty words
and worlds
Collide with
The view of your eyes
Like constellations...

Drifting beyond all is calm
In the sad hands of god
I am naked and cold

My feet dangle in the ocean
The grave lies below...

Wake up for a moment and find that you are burning alive
Than hope in that moment you were never alive.
Track Name: When a Ghost Embraced the Dust
Kiss me once more
As my mind drifts away
With a chalice in my hand
Everything, everything will fade away.

I see your beautiful smile
Once more in the rain
Amidst snow white fog
I wished to follow...

I saw the world for many long years
I've walked through valleys and on mountains
I lost sight of every beautiful thing
As you were taken away from me

I kissed your cold hands
I felt your dry flesh
I see no reason for me to be here
This is the end...