Surrealistic Suicide

by The Horizon of a Dream

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I understand that we only have one life to live, but I cannot help but spend so much of my time in thought about the nothing that comes after.


released February 10, 2012

Chris Romans - All composition, instrumentation, lyrics



all rights reserved
Track Name: God is a Dubstep Beat Raping My Children
Spirit of the morning
With silence in the sheets
And droning drums bring men to their
Prostrate broken knees and burn us as
We watch the God take faith
To have tools to eradicate the human display

Of passion under cover, I see it in the face
Of the last love mounting Zion in the most curious way
My lips are swayed
My lips are swayed
My lips are swayed
Her grave is made

Your shadow like the astral sky
Ignites the Heavens pale moonlight
And forges a silhouette across the evening night
So I may imagine her ethereal morning rise

Drowning soul in the spirits
Calming the drug addled Savior

With the curdling veins suspended
On the mixed materials of a
Suicide sleep to bury our suite
Next to the final love before the wake
Make me kiss her rigor face again

Her memory is up to my knees
I fall asleep with my whisky
I can't even have a hopeful dream
Take me instead and burn me at the stake
Where you put her grave you hapless clown deity
With your paint raping my body

I see the white bleeding the red
On my fellated fucking face
Is this the cocksure God I'm to worship?
While the pastoral calm is on another world
With some other species or nothing at all
Just burn this fucking planet
Like you intend too anyways
(Like you intend too anyways)
Track Name: Rebirth in a Nebula
space take my after
life and drown it in the
wine and watch me die
love, the quiet night

space, space
Track Name: Love Me as I Drink Myself to Death
Love me as I rest in a bed of
Roses as I lie naked in the
Doorway drifting off to sleep or waking
To a new life dreaming that I
Can escape into the darkened night sky
With the light of a fire burning
The wicker grave where I lie stargazing

Love me as I look into your eyes
Quiet as the shoreline returning
To the edge of a floating world be-
hind my eyes drinking liquor with her Christ
In petty chapel pews vomiting the
Porcelain lies confided in burning
Embers of a child left sinking
In the river under the world

Love me in the morning after
The excited body wanes into the after-
Life as a new creation takes the place of
God and my flesh in unison create the
Endless sphere where you only exist for a
Moment then drift and are placed upon my naked
Body underwater and we may float to another
Dawning world to drink another

Love me for a moment (baby I'm tired)
Can't you fucking hear my words protruding
Through the depressed dirt where I linger
With the footprints of a gypsy universe
Examining my corpse for gold and trinkets
Of meaningless nothing since we're dead and sinking
Exhausted waste in a bottle of brandy
That god is drinking as we're left naked, swimming...